HouseBuilt is a blog.


A series written by Kate while at the bar. Each article is paired with an appropriate alcoholic beverage for your reading & drinking pleasure.


A series written by Heather that delivers bite-sized ramblings about all things UX, design and the like.

It’s Okay to Trust All the Feels

Less than an hour into the meeting, we had a defined vision. One day later, we had a completely finished logo and identity.

The Story of UX as Told by Metaphor

When it comes to design, UX is no longer an added value. It’s a requirement. Clients expect good user experiences. Users demand them.

The Chicken and Egg of Design and Content

The tug of war between content and design is both the most frustrating and inspiring moment of any project.

Mobile First Things First I’m the Realist

Best read while drinking whiskey. Neat. Because no one loves whiskey and buzzwords quite like Jack Donaghy — and we all love Jack Donaghy.

Metrics According to Shia

Shia, thank you for locking yourself in an elevator for 24 hours. You’ve given me a sudden burst of inspiration on a Friday afternoon.

You’re Probably Not As Relatable As You Think

I’ve lost track of how many websites keep tabs on the number of cups of coffee a company consumes. It was cute the first time it was done. Now, it’s just annoying.

Stop, Intuition Time.

This post best read while drinking a Tito’s & Soda—cus you want a beer, but your gut is telling you to cool it.

The Importance of Context in Web Design

Traditional advertising has long embraced the relationship between art and copy. The digital age has, too—sort of.

Technology Killed the Physical Store

Best read while drinking a PBR pounder. Let’s face it: if you’re gonna relate to my longing for Blockbuster, you’re missing the old days and are at least half hipster.